For many Australian families, the lounge room is the central hub of the household, with the humble TV playing a major part in that. We gather around the television screen nightly, to cheer on our favourite sporting teams, watch season finales of top drama series and laugh together at the latest movies.

With the rapid rise of technology and the introduction of smartphones and tablets to our daily lives, you may be wondering about the future of television. Can television remain relevant in a tablet and smartphone age?

Well, the good news is – the TV set is here to stay. Looking towards the future, television will continue to develop, while remaining a valuable vehicle for entertainment, education and information.

Introducing Apps for TV

Watch What You Want, When You Want

It’s important to recognise that the future of television will be driven by ‘apps’. The huge rise of these popular viewing apps – such as Netflix, Stan, tenplay, iTunes and ABC iView – has delivered a new level of freedom and personal choice to the way we watch TV.

While many of us are already comfortable using our mobile devices to watch TV programs, the television sets in our lounge rooms are heading in the same direction.

Apple TV – Leading the Way for Smart TVs

As you can see, our TVs will soon become as personalised and individual as our mobile phones and computers. With a smart TV or digital media player such as an Apple TV, you can watch NetFlix or YouTube, catch up on missed TV episodes and watch all your favourite sports and entertainment through your lounge room TV.

All this is exciting and convenient, but only if you have everything set up properly.

Need Help Setting Up Your Apple TV or Smart TV?

Call in an expert and let IT Solver take care of everything. Angus makes it all simple, listens to your requirements and caters to your preferences.

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