terminal-shellshock-vulnerable-test Dear customers, we would like to advise our services are not vulnerable to the Shellshock software bug. Shellshock allows unauthorised remote access to certain Linux, Macs, routers, web servers and “Internet of Things” devices that have a vulnerable version of command-line software called Bash. Researchers say Shellshock could be worse than Heartbleed. Patching Linux and Macs is easy, but security researchers are assessing the risk to our routers and “Internet of Things” devices such as smart televisions, kitchen appliances and security cameras.

Am I vulnerable?

If you using Linux or Mac OS X, you can test your system by running this command from Terminal:

env x='() { :;}; echo Your system is vulnerable.' bash -c 'echo test script'

If you are vulnerable, you’ll get:

Your system is vulnerable. test script

Additionally, test your website or public IP (Internet Protocol) address for Shellshock. Hint: To get your public IP address, do a web search “what is my ip”.

Linux users

You know what to do - update! At the time of writing this post, security updates exist for the following linux distributions:

  • CentOS

  • Debian

  • Redhat

  • Ubuntu

Mac users

Advanced users who have enabled remote services should be concerned. You may want to disable remote services in System Preferences > Sharing.

A patch is available from Apple you can download and install it here:

Learn more

For the geeks, additional technical details about the issue can be found at CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169.