Convienient carry-in location at Russell Island

We’re happy to announce our newest drop-off and pick-up location available at My Health Aisle, Russell Island’s health food store and wellness clinic. Whether you need a health boost for yourself or your computer, say hello to Kirsty Holmes, the owner of My Health Aisle. At IT Solver we’re always striving to deliver value and a walk-in location… Read More »

Announcing Windows 10

Update: The technical preview is now available for download! Earlier today Microsoft announced the next release of Windows after 8/8.1 will not be called Windows 9, instead, Windows 10. Why not 9? Because seven, eight, ten. Pun joke aside, we look forward to tomorrow (October 2) when the Windows 10 technical preview is made public. This is an… Read More »

IT Solver services unaffected by Shellshock software bug

Dear customers, at IT Solver we take security seriously and would like to advise our services are not vulnerable to the Shellshock software bug. Shellshock allows unauthorised remote access to certain Linux, Macs, routers, web servers and “Internet of Things” devices that have a vulnerable version of command-line software called Bash. Researchers say Shellshock could be worse than… Read More »