There is so much technology around at the moment, it is most mind-boggling! Smart TVs, apps, smart phones that do just about everything, and computers that can run just about everything in your business and home life. It is all very wonderful. It can also be all very confusing, particularly if you live on an island where quality service can be difficult to access. And that’s where Angus McLauchlan of IT Solver comes in extremely handy. Many people on the islands are aware that Angus is a superb computer technician. If your computer is giving you trouble, then he can fix it, quick smart. However, what many people do not know, Angus is also a whiz with Smart TV technology. These new Internet-enabled TVs are wonderful, if only you knew how to connect them up and get them operating efficiently! Watch YouTube, catch up on missed TV episodes with ABC iView, SBS On Demand, Tenplay and Plus7. With a Smart TV or Set Top Box like an Apple TV, sign up to Netflix and watch your favourite entertainment. Rent or buy videos online without a worry about scratching or returning a rental DVD. And what about the fantastic surround sound that can have you believe you are sitting in the middle of a 747 engine as it is taking off. All this is wonderful, but only if you have it set up properly. Angus makes it all very simple, listens to your requirements and caters to your preferences. Find out more and contact Angus via email support [at] or phone 3123 6000.